Business Insurance & Risk Market Update

May 2020

Expert insights & perspectives

The new Gallagher Business Insurance and Risk Update, released May 2020, delivers expert insights and perspective on changes within the insurance market and what this means for your business.

Previous issues


H2 2019

Second half 2019 Market Overview Report

  • How agricultural industries are anticipating a difficult season
  • Regulatory activity, class actions and a challenged economy: alerts for company directors
  • Business interruption cover key to survival
  • Why secondary perils claims are the ones to watch

H1 2019

First half 2019 Market Overview Report

  • The impact on the majority of businesses and insurance classes as the insurance market continues to transition
  • The importance of risk mitigation strategies for food producers
  • The reduced aviation insurance supply in the Australian aviation insurance space
  • Why awareness of how cyber and D&O insurance can intersect is critcally important

Q3/Q4 2018

2018: Reflecting on a year of change

  • How the tough D&O insurance market is impacting IPOs
  • Why surety bonds are soaring as an alternative to bank guarantees
  • What's driving sustainable growth in the Australian transport sector
  • Major fire events and needles-in-fruit crisis contributing to uncertainty in the food production industry

Q2 2018

Into the breach: Trust and data regulate the new norm

  • Insurer pushback on dirty energy projects; increasing appetite for renewable projects
  • Australian businesses increase cyber security spend as breach reporting laws kick in
  • Legal claims from failed students a key risk as international student population booms
  • Critical gap between data and medical science in managing sports concussion injuries

Q1 2018

2018: The year of the reality check?

  • How insurance markets will respond to the natural disaster-related losses of 2017
  • Whether the mining and resources sector is showing signs of recovery
  • The increasing complexity of insolvency appointments in the last 6-8 months
  • Whether the east coast infrastructure boom will be hampered by a civil engineering skills shortage
  • How the insurance industry needs to respond to the needs of the Australian start-up fintech sector

Q3/Q4 2017

The Perfect Storm: Colliding market forces or black clouds with silver linings?

  • How legislative changes will impact workplace risk
  • Navigating the compliance minefield in the marine and logistics sector
  • The factors driving insolvency risk across Australia
  • How a hardening market can disrupt the insurance claims process
  • The widening gap between the cost of insurance cover and insurance claims in the oil and gas sector

Q2 2017

Uncertainty vs Optimism: Have we reached a tipping point

  • How the climate change and clean energy debate has become one of the most fiercely contested political issues in years
  • The impact of new online market giants and rising rents in the retail sector
  • The opportunities and risks of the Government's ambitious infrastructure plans
  • The evolving cyber security and terror threats