Gallagher Market Overview Report

H1 2019

The insurance market is continuing to transition - which is having an impact on the majority of businesses and insurance classes.

In this report, we discuss these changes and the emerging trends facing a variety of different industries. From driver shortages in the transport industry to risk mitigation strategies for food producers.

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What's inside

Sarah Lyons, Chief Executive - Australia and Steve White, Head of Marketing & Communications - APAC highlight Gallagher market report insights

Executive summary

As the transitioning market cycle continues to play out over the next 12–18 months, we expect to see ongoing premium and rate movements adding to a sense of growing uncertainty for those heading into renewal discussions.

H1-19 Market Overview Report

2019 looks likely to be a year marked with significant ups and downs.

The value of a broker

The value of a broker extends beyond the placement of insurance.


Level the playing field

With changing weather conditions, funding issues and overuse, our turf has never been more under threat and player safety is beginning to be


Professional and financial risks

Watch your step: the business governance and cyber crossover

With data vulnerability an omnipresent threat and accountability shifting to board level, awareness of how cyber and D&O insurance can intersect is critically important.


Put your house in order

A combination of major and attritional losses and market withdrawals has reshaped the Australian and global construction insurance market so there is less tolerance for perceived risk across all sectors and businesses must be meticulous in detailing their exposures.

Food production

Packaging your risk

‘Prevention is better than cure’ may be an old adage, but it is certainly true in the food production industry.


High risk operations won't fly with insurers

The Australian aviation insurance space has undergone a transformation in recent years, with reduced aviation insurance supply giving way to risk selectivity.


Running on empty

It is no secret that the transport industry faces a skilled driver shortage which is reaching crisis stage in the trucking sector.